Building an Ecosystem to Delight Our Customers

ZiipRoom’s patented software was purpose-built to connect people and technology to make every meeting experience consistent, simple and productive – and it does!  But, we don’t do that on our own.

We work closely with our alliance partners who are delivering the industry’s best in-room A/V devices, VoIP and UC Video services and BYO devices like smartphones, tablets and PCs. By leveraging APIs and integrating our solutions, we provide a greater experience for everyone.

And, we need a community of dedicated resellers and distributors who are geographically dispersed so they can be where our customers are, who offer complementary products and services that complete the solution, and who are truly experts in both traditional A/V hardware and the most recent UC collaboration solutions.

That’s why we’re building an ecosystem that brings all of this together. The overarching goal is to deliver exceptional user experiences that markedly improve workflows and provide a great return on investment for our customers.



Visual Collaboration Solutions

  Interactive Displays

Conferencing and Collaboration Systems

Conference Cameras and Speakerphones

VC Room Solutions, Conference Cameras, Webcams and Speakerphones

Touchscreen Monitors and Tablets

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