Problems We Solve

ZiipRoom meeting experience software was purpose-built to remove the everyday hurdles that have plagued end users and IT for years. 

Our research uncovered the most common problems in enterprise collaboration, and we built ZiipRoom software from the ground up to address every one of them so your meetings experiences are always consistent, simple and productive – no matter which video or voice platforms you use or what BYO devices you carry. Finally, you can enjoy hassle-free meetings that start on time and are fully productive with video, voice and wireless presentation at the click of an app.


Adoption and ROI soar when you deploy ZiipRoom meeting experience software for your teams!

One-Click Join - Start every voice and video meeting with a single click

  • Join meetings on time, every time with just a single click
  • No dialing strings, access codes or confusion over what to do
  • Click-to-join meetings from your calendar
  • Click-to-join meetings from the room’s calendar

Multiple UC Platforms - At the touch of a button

  • Click to join all of your meetings regardless of who invited you or which video or voice platform they use
  • Switch from platform to platform with the click of an app
  • Never worry again about the varying call controls, dialing strings or access credentials for the different UC video platforms

BYOD Support - Easy apps for familiar devices

  • Let’s be honest; end users don’t like unfamiliar remote controls
  • Smart apps on personal devices are the obvious preference
  • Intelligent, mobile-first design philosophy provides limited, application-aware choices to keep things simple
  • Supports Android, iOS, macOS and Windows phones, tablets and PCs

Wireless Presentation - Directly from your BYO devices

  • Never fumble again looking for the right cable or struggle with confusing software from room to room
  • Share your presentation with a simple click of the app from your own, familiar devices
  • Supports Android, iOS, macOS and Windows phones, tablets and PCs
  • Also provides secure presentation for ‘off network’ employees and guests

No Cables Required - Eliminate clutter and potential tripping hazards

  • Manage voice calls, video calls and wireless presentations directly from your BYO devices
  • Mobile-first software design includes support for in-room touch screens
  • Allows for optional HDMI cable for organizations that don’t support BYO devices

Embedded Softphone - Save tabletop space while reducing make-ready expenses

  • Stop paying for redundant hardware; use your video sound bar to support all of your voice calls
  • Embedded, standards-based VoIP stack ensures our soft phone works with your preferred call control provider
  • Let users initiate calls from their BYO devices, personal contact lists and the corporate directory without tying up their device for the call
  • Keep small work surfaces in the huddle room clear and eliminate wires to the tabletop

Analytics and Learning - Artificial intelligence connects everything, collects valuable insights and learns on the go

  • Smart, patented software connects users, devices, calendars, voice and video platforms and the in-room A/V hardware and collects data on everything
  • Provides a wealth of insightful data, dynamic alerts, monitoring and reports
  • Learns about users preferences to provide custom experiences based on behavioral patterns

Start meetings on time and share wireless presentations with just a click – no matter which device you carry or who provides your conferencing services and A/V gear

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