“To stay competitive in the digital economy, enterprises and their workforces can’t afford to waste time on repetitive, manual processes. Leveraging technologies that automate critical processes, powered by intelligence, will enable businesses to get more of their time back and get better insights into what’s working well for their customers, partners, and employees, and what’s not.”

Jim Lundy
Aragon Research

“The huddle room phenomenon is real in today’s enterprise, yet we continue to see low usage rates mainly due to the complexity of technologies required to make it work.  ZK Research found that 15 minutes of every meeting is wasted setting up the technology. If ZiipRoom can deliver on their promise of making these environments more intuitive to today’s mobile-first work force we expect a significant uptick in terms of how these rooms will be used in the years ahead.”

Zeus Kerravala
Founder & Principal Analyst
ZK Research

“We continue to see innovation in the tools and platforms being deployed to enhance collaboration across today’s enterprise, but there has been too little innovation around making the meeting experience more consistent in multi-vendor environments.  ZiipRoom has targeted this very issue and is making it possible for today’s user to easily initiate and conduct meetings across any existing technology or service, and I like it.  They may have just found the missing link that has hindered the collaboration segment for many years.”

David Maldow, Esq.
Founder & CEO
Let’s Do Video

“Global teams are increasingly reliant on collaboration and conferencing technologies to innovate and operate more effectively, but many still find it difficult to initiate and conduct meetings from their shared meeting spaces. By providing a consistent UI and workflow across multiple hardware, software, and cloud collaboration platforms, ZiipRoom takes much of the complexity out of meeting scheduling, joining, and management, and helps pave the way for increased usage and adoption.”

Ira M. Weinstein
Founder and Managing Partner
Recon Research

“ZiipRoom is one of the exciting new entrants into the collaboration space that represent the simplification I predicted in recent articles.  Their product and service is one of the first to use AI and personal device proximity to enable easy start-up, wireless content sharing, and frictionless meetings – regardless of collaboration platform.”


David Danto
Director of Emerging Technology