ZiipRoom Honored: Quick UC Wins: 8 Video and Meeting Tools for Your Collaboration Stack


Quick UC Wins: 8 Video and Meeting Tools for Your Collaboration Stack

Video conferencing is a critical component in the enterprise Unified Comms & Collaboration stack.

As more professionals begin to embrace remote working, getting the right combination of messaging and video conferencing is vital to keep employees engaged and connected.

The trouble is, your teams don’t want to constantly switch between tools. Slack, Cisco WebEx Teams, Microsoft Teams and a host of other calendaring, meeting and collaboration are great. But, all of them is overkill to simply host an effective conference. The good news? They don’t have have to.

Let’s look at the best video and meeting integrations to add to your collaboration stack.

1.     Meekan (for Slack and Microsoft Teams)

Meekan is a smart-assistant for video conferencing that can help to align those disparate schedules for better collaboration.

One of the toughest parts of hosting a meeting with remote and global employees is getting everyone’s schedules aligned. Your US professionals, Australian experts, and UK contractors all work to their own individual calendars.

All you need to do is ask Meekan to schedule a meeting in Slack or Microsoft Teams. For instance, type: “Meekan, can you set up a phone call tomorrow?” and the AI will check through all your employee’s calendars to find the best time options. The bot even understands time zones, so you don’t have to ask anyone to wake up at 5 am just to take part in a call.

Meekan is a quick and simple way to keep everyone connected and ensure your employees can actually attend your video conferences.


2.     NowAssistant (for Slack, Cisco WebEx Teams and Microsoft Teams)

NowAssistant works with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx Teams and a bunch of other tools. All you need to do is install the bot, and it integrates with your desktop or mobile browser, as well as your enterprise chat tools. When NowAssistant is set up, you can use it to get smart workplace insights all in the same place.

NowAssistant constantly checks through your data for updates and events. This allows it to keep you posted on everything you need to do throughout the day. Everyone in your team gets a reminder to attend your video conference. The Adenin AI behind NowAssistant filters updates and alerts so that users only get information relevant to them. This minimizes information overload in the workplace and keeps employees focused.


3.     WebEx Meeting Bot (for Slack and Microsoft Teams)

Imagine you’re using Cisco WebEx for your video meetings, but you want to connect with users on Slack and Microsoft Teams too. The Cisco WebEx app helps you to do just that with their simple bot. All you need to do is go to Microsoft Teams or Slack, and add the Cisco WebEx app from the app store.

Webex Meeting Bot is designed to simplify your meeting experiences. By ensuring you don’t have to ask your users to download different tools to join a video conference, everyone can attend your meetings using the tool they prefer. Cisco WebEx even allows companies to broadcast video meetings over a Facebook Live integration.

Webex Meeting Bot

4.     Zoom AI (for Cisco WebEx Teams, Microsoft Teams and Slack)

Zoom.AI hasn’t been around for long but it’s already making waves in the video conferencing space. Zoom.AI is a clever application designed to reduce distraction at work by giving everyone in your workforce their own private virtual assistant. Designed to boost productivity and make collaboration easier, Zoom.AI handles everything from scheduling meetings to giving you the extra info you need for your video conference.

Zoom.AI works seamlessly across a huge selection of team productivity and enterprise chat applications. Your AI can introduce you to people through your chat app before a video conference, so you have a moment to get to know each other before a conference starts.

Zoom AI

5.     Cisco Spark Meeting Notes (for Slack & Cisco Webex Teams)

Cisco Spark Meeting Notes helps you to combine your Cisco WebEx Teams experiences with your Slack workflow to create a searchable archive of previous discussions.

Compliance is a concern. Due to disparate video conferencing and meeting tools, an accurate record of conversations is a chore.

This simple integration allows companies to centralize conversations with external collaborators. Throw is Google and Office 365 calendars, and this improves your chances of both getting people to attend a video meeting on time and acquiring the data you need afterward.

Cisco Spark Meeting Notes


6.     ZiipRoom (for Cisco WebEx Teams, Skype for Business, and GoToMeeting)

ZiipRoom is the huddle-room software designed to help make video conferencing and meeting experiences more consistent and productive. This one-click-to-launch application ensures that you can share wireless presentations and meetings across Cisco WebEx Teams and Microsoft Skype for Business. The integration with Skype is also a good sign that a connection with Microsoft Teams may be on the horizon.

ZiipRoom comes packaged with AI software so that you can schedule your meetings with contextual information about employee schedules. The system continually analyzes your data too, so you can learn more about how your staff use their meeting room systems.



7.     Jell (for Slack and Microsoft Teams)

Jell is a meeting and video conferencing bot that’s designed to help you streamline and support your daily standup. Every day, you can launch a “Smart” standup for your team that ensures your employees are spending more time focussing on their work and less time asking questions or dealing with repetitive meetings.

Jell works with Slack and Microsoft Teams, giving groups on different workplace platforms a central place where they can share daily plans and organize video calls and meetings. There’s also a web and mobile version of the app available too.

Your employees simply answer a handful of questions each day, using the enterprise chat tool they prefer, and the information is shared with other members of the group to ensure workplace alignment. It’s a quick and easy way to streamline your entire workforce.

Jell for Slack

8.     Scrum Genius (for Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx Teams and Slack)

Scrum Genius is a “stand up bot” that runs automated stand-up or check-in meetings within Microsoft Teams or Slack. You can customize what questions you want to ask, the time you want ScrumGenius to ask them and the schedule frequency. Scrum Genius uses automation to ensure you are always up to date with the latest project, working through blockers and updating your team as you go.

After the stand-up, you can check back on progress and productivity with the built-in reports and display charts. Scrum Genius even provides the ability to edit your answers if you made any mistakes during the stand-up.

Scrum Genius

Integration Friendly Meeting Tools for Your UC Stack

If hosting meetings and video conferences with your dispersed team is a nightmare, the tools above will help to streamline your strategy. By helping you to schedule, organize, and manage meetings across platforms, integration friendly tools reduce the stress of workplace communication and collaboration.

Want to find out more about running an integration friendly workforce? Check out this M.io demonstration to see how we can help you share files between Slack and Cisco WebEx Teams with ease. Plus, stay tuned for the next part of our Quick UC Wins series, where we’ll examine some of the best marketing and sales tools to boost your profits.